International trade and commerce

International trade and commerce

Competent support in contract design

As a certified specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law as well as international trade law, I advise you on all topics of international business and commercial law and also assist you as a lawyer in court matters:

  • Contract negotiations with your suppliers
  • Cross-border logistics
  • Securing your claim to customers
  • Liability issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Incoterms
  • cross-border sales
  • purchasing cooperations
  • serial damage of products

My law firm andrelang law as well as my 15 years of professional experience and expertise provide you and your company with legally compliant advice and support on all matters relating to international trade and commerce. The legal claims arising from international trade and commerce are highly diverse. They may concern the delivery and storage of the goods, late performance charges, IP rights violations, supply of defective products as well as other aspects between companies, suppliers and merchants. If your case goes to court, I will assist you with my experience and expertise in litigation.

Dr. Andrelang, LL.M.

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International trade and commerce

An overview of legal topics in nternational trade and commerce

  • Intellectual property rights’ violations
  • Antitrust
  • Contract term and termination
  • Documentation requirements and export restrictions
  • Serial damage and product recall
  • Risk-adapted limitation of liability
  • Compliance with technical standards
  • Debt recovery
  • Terms of delivery of goods
  • Indemnification for damages of third parties
  • Contracts, procurement, sourcing

International trade and commerce

Contracts, procurement, sourcing

Economy and trade live from the import and export of goods and services. These deliveries must be carried out correctly under binding agreements and applicable law. These include:

  • Delivery readiness and deliverability
  • delivery guarantees
  • delivery
  • delivery terms
  • Contract design with your suppliers

I advise you on the drafting of contracts between you and your suppliers with regard to the aspects mentioned above, taking into account your requirements and the capacities of your company and the supplier. In addition, I check existing contracts and help you with legal issues in their enforcement or the assertion of or defence against claims.

Besides the drafting of agreements, I will also help you to negotiate various points with your contracting party. These include scope and limitation of liability, exclusivity, remedies in case of defective products, termination of contract, indemnification against violation of third parties’ right, KPIs.

Resolving disputes arising from international trade and commercial out of court usually is the preferred option- However, if out-of-court settlements prove to be unsatisfactory I will assist you and your company as an experienced litigator.

If you are looking for a lawyer for international trade and commercial law, feel free to contact me. For questions concerning international trade and commerce, you can contact me by phone, e-mail or via the online contact form.

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