Legal advice in antitrust matters and antitrust damages

You and your company benefit from my expertise and business perspective as specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Munich and as a lawyer for antitrust law, in particular by the following services I provide:

  • Clarification on antitrust limits in competition
  • Contract design taking into account antitrust law
  • Optimization of your sales and trading in accordance with antitrust law
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Communication with authorities

It is as important for your as for my other clients to be well aware of rights and claims and challanges arising from antitrust matters. IN particular the following issues need to be observed in antitrust matter which I am very happy to advise you on comprehensively in your particular case.

All provisions that are agreed by companies in the context of contracts, close cooperations or mergers of economic enterprises and market players are also governed by antitrust law.

If a contract between you and your dealers contains anti-competitive clauses, the contract may not be upheld. Antitrust rules within a contract include, for example, limitations territory and customer allocations, delivery restrictions, and pricing. Companies are well advised to be proactive in avoiding this risk. I am happy to support you in detail when drafting contracts with business partners and customers as well as in litigation if there are violations of antitrust law.

Dr. Andrelang, LL.M.

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An overview of consulting services

  • Importers and selective distribution systems
  • Antitrust damages claims
  • Price cartels
  • European distribution competition law
  • Cooperation and information exchange
  • Price fixing and indirect pricing
  • Market dominance and market strength
  • Summary proceedings
  • Internet sales
  • Spare parts and service
  • Antitrust compliance
  • Minimizing risk of antitrust law infringements


Minimizing risks of antitrust law infringements

I particularly advise you in detail on antitrust matters and European sales competition law. For example, I lay out for you comprehensively any limits of antitrust provisions on the following areas:

  • Single or multi-brand distribution
  • Category Management
  • Exclusive deliveries
  • Price recommendations & price pressure
  • Industry Meetings & Joint Ventures (Joint Ventures)
  • Research and Development agreements

My detailed advice is designed to help you prevent potential unintentional violations of antitrust law and operate your sales and trading properly. I also advise you on discount, bonus and reimbursement systems, dealer authorization criteria and dealer selections and assist you in the antitrust optimization of your online sales.

In case of fines, I will represent you in your communication with the antitrust authorities (Bundeskartellamt, the Federal Cartel Office) and your legal interests in avoiding or reducing fines. If you or your company falls victim to an abuse of a dominant position or delivery boycott by other companies, I will assess and assert your claims and represent you in court.

You can also rely on my expertise in cases for antitrust damages claims, in particular the truck cartel or the sugar cartel.

If you are looking for a competent and experienced lawyer for antitrust law, I am happy to further introduce myself and arrange a first appointment to answer questions you may have on antitrust law matters. Feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail or use the online contact form below.

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